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  Updated: 19-Jul-2024
Recent News
Publicatieprijs Silvan Licher 03-07-2019
VENI voor Hieab Adams 31-07-2018
Brian Mahmahon Early Career Award for Sonja Swanson 27-03-2018
Fellowship Women in Science for Sonja Swanson 22-03-2018
SCR 2017 award for Prof. Myriam Hunink 25-09-2017
Personal Grant toegekend aan Dr. Daniel Bos 04-04-2017
Geld voor genderspecifieke geneeskunde 15-03-2017
Erkenning voor Henning Tiemeier 27-02-2017
Alzheimer Nederland Fellowships 04-01-2017
2016, het jaar van EPI 28-12-2016
Defense Hieab Adams 22-11-2016
Daniel Bos wins Lourens Penning 14-11-2016
Promotie Robert-Jan Hassing 26-09-2016
Thesis Defense Marileen Portegies 19-09-2016
Genes as experiment of nature ? 09-08-2016
Loes Jaspers won the Lamberts Prize 01-08-2016
Vincent Jen won the Weon Student Award 07-06-2016
Paper in Nature 13-05-2016
Cerebral microbleeds:a marker of vascular brain disease 19-01-2016
Visit Alzheimercenter VUmc 06-01-2016
25th anniversary of the Rotterdam Study 28-10-2015
Rotterdammers enable healthy aging of global population 26-05-2015
Raak bij NWO 23-02-2015
Subsidie voor topwetenschappers 06-02-2015
Maryam Kavousi awarded with 'For Women in Science’ fellowship 2014 26-11-2014
ESC Best Poster 2014 30-08-2014
WEON Best Publication 2014 06-06-2014
Epidemiologist position in Brussels 10-03-2014
Stroke Progress and Innovation Award for Marius de Groot and Ben Verhaaren 06-03-2014
CHARGE Tiger Award for Niels Rietvelds 06-02-2014
Rotterdam en New Delhi partners 05-02-2014
Erasmus MC Fellowship for Arfan Ikram 24-10-2013
1st prize of the young investigator award at the ESC 02-09-2013
The Department of Epidemiology moved to a new building 17-06-2013
Folksam Prize in Epidemiologic Research 2012 23-08-2012
Oscar H. Franco has been appointed Professor 01-04-2012
Hofman is hot 24-02-2012
Daniel Bos awarded abstract prize bij the Dutch Society of Radiology 30-09-2011
Meike Vernooij awarded Erasmus MC Fellowship 23-09-2011
A Genome-Wide Association Study of Optic Disc Parameters 22-06-2010
Genome-wide meta-analyses identify multiple loci associated with smoking behavior 25-04-2010
Study Identifies Factors Associated With Growth of Fetus in First Trimester and Subsequent Outcome 17-02-2010
New DNA variants for risk of type 2 diabetes 19-01-2010


ERGO news is a magazine for all the participants and collaborators of the Rotterdam Study (ERGO). You will find research results, an interview with one of the participants, an interview with a general practitioner, and with various investigators. It will be published twice a year.

Website: www.ergo-onderzoek.nl
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