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Publications 2000



Epidemiology of diseases

1st author



Basic epidemiologic research

1st author



Clinical epidemiology

1st author




Caroline Klaver
Genetic epidemiologic studies on age-related maculopathy. A population-based approach.
(Co)promotor(es): Jong PTVM de, Hofman A. Erasmus University, 2000.

Ben Cost
Heart Failure in the elderly.
(Co)promotor(es): Hoes AW, Grobbee DE. Erasmus University, 2000.

Jacqueline Assink
Age-related maculopathy: A genetic and epidemiological approach.
(Co)promotor(es): Jong PTVM de, Hofman A. Erasmus University, 2000.

Sanjay Harhangi
Genetic Susceptibility to Parkinson's Disease.
(Co)promotor(es): Hofman A, Oostra BA, Breteler MMB. Erasmus University, 2000.

Zoltan Vokó
Etiology and prevention of stroke. The Rotterdam Study.
(Co)promotor(es): Hofman A, Koudstaal PJ, Breteler MMB. Erasmus University, 2000.

Nicole van Popele
Causes and consequences of Arterial Stiffness. An epidemiological approach.
(Co)promotor(es): Grobbee DE, Hofman A, Witteman JCM. Erasmus University, 2000.

Hans Feenstra
Adverse cardiovascular effects of drugs in patients with heart failure. Pharmaco-epidemiological studies on ibopamine and NSAIDs.
(Co)promotor(es): Grobbee DE, Stricker BHCh. Erasmus University, 2000.

Bas in `t Veld
Pharmacological prevention of dementia. A pharmacoepidemiological approach in The Rotterdam study. (Co)promotor(es): Hofman A, Stricker BHCh. Erasmus University, 2000.

Annemieke Ruitenberg
Vascular factors in dementia. Observations in the Rotterdam study. (Co)promotor(es): Hofman A, Meché FGA van der, Breteler MMB, Swieten JC van. Erasmus University, 2000.

Epidemiology of diseases

PUBLICATIONS 1st AUTHOR International scientific publications

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National scientific publications

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Further scientific publications

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PUBLICATIONS CO-AUTHOR International scientific publications

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Basic epidemiologic research

PUBLICATIONS 1st AUTHOR International scientific publications

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National scientific publications

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Further scientific publications

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Clinical epidemiology

PUBLICATIONS 1st AUTHOR International scientific publications

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